Activities of the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

By means of knowledge exchange

Scientific researchers, experts, professionals, parents and children all work together at the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This network organisation strives to achieve a solid scientific foundation for work in the field of child and adolescent mental health. This scientific foundation provides a firm basis for the subtle work that mental health professionals perform each and every day to ensure that parents and children receive the very best care. This national knowledge centre’s network is efficiently supported by internet technology, which guarantees continual improvement and professionalisation. The network consists of directors, experts and parent/patient associations, and operates independently of existing structures and hierarchies. All parties voluntarily contribute knowledge, and all child and adolescent psychiatry professionals can make use of the published knowledge free of charge. In addition to practising professionals, academics also consult standardforming articles about diagnostics, treatment and medication on the website of the Dutch Knowledge Centre.

Decentralised networks

Both providers and consumers of the knowledge collaborate on a decentralised basis to gather and publish scientifically underpinned knowledge. Professionals make voluntary contributions to the network from their own institution or practice, and they also make use of the information free of charge. The Knowledge Centre’s office fulfils a co-ordinating role: from here, the network processes are managed and encouraged. The Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry was founded and is financed by seven major institutions specialising in child and adolescent psychiatry. The Dutch government and NGOs occasionally provide subsidies for specific projects. Since its inception, the network has published more than ten scientifically underpinned treatment protocols on a special website for professionals in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, such as child psychiatrists, special education experts, psychologists, psychosocial and social care workers etc. In addition to treatment protocols, the Knowledge Centre also publishes scientifically substantiated information regarding diagnostics and medication. For example, a special formulary including a handy overview of child psychopharmaceuticals was recently released in print, online and as a smartphone application. There is great interest for the Knowledge Centre’s output, reflected by the extremely high view frequency of the published information

Expert meetings

We are also making increasingly intensive use of internet technology for the purpose of gathering information in order to allow external experts to provide their valuable contributions with the minimum of effort and in the shortest possible time. However, researchers, specialists and expert patients involved with the network also greatly value face-to-face meetings and discussions. For this reason, the Knowledge Centre regularly organises expert meetings and participates intensively in congresses.

International interest

International interest in these knowledge pools is rapidly increasing. Child psychiatrists and scientists from over 40 countries regularly visit the website. As a result, the Knowledge Centre decided to launch an English language website that works in sync with the Dutch online professionals program.

Children and their parents

Patients and their parents conduct intensive contact with the Knowledge Centre. The centre has developed special websites for both parents and children/adolescents. is an example of this. On this social and informative platform, young people can share their experiences and learn more about their condition and/or treatments. Furthermore, the Knowledge Centre regards these children and their parents as vitally important expert patients. Both via and during meetings with parent/patient associations, information is gathered that is of great importance to the development of treatment protocols. To visit the English website for parents, please go to:

Low cost, high output

Thanks to the selfless collaboration of a great deal of scientific experts and expert patients, as well as the streamlined and decentralised network structure, the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry can produce a great deal of output for extremely low costs. This organizational model and the role of the Knowledge Centre in the Dutch child and adolescent mental health profession is recognised and cknowledged by a huge number of institutions. The Knowledge Centre has since established collaborations with both the Dutch government and renowned players in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry in the Netherlands. Preparations to expand the network onto the international stage is currently in full swing.

Cross-border knowledge sharing

The Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is exploring the possibilities with regard to expanding their knowledge network onto the international stage, for example, by collaborating with similar knowledge centres in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. By gathering knowledge within a larger area – from experts throughout the whole of Europe – and publishing this wellfounded scientific knowledge in English, a significant contribution can be made to the quality of European child and adolescent psychiatry. The Dutch Knowledge Centre is therefore seeking contact with organisations, institutions, scientific institutes and expert patients in order to further enrich the network. The first discussions with other knowledge centres have already been conducted, and the prospects are promising.

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