ADHD in children and adolescents

There are various guidelines in the Netherlands for the diagnosis and treatment of children who have – or are suspected of having – ADHD. They have often been drawn up for a specific target group. For example, there is a Multidisciplinary ADHD guideline for children and adolescents, various regional guidelines for GPs, a guideline for youth aid and youth protective services and one for paediatricians. In late 2014, the NHG ADHD guideline for GPs was published, creating a clear guideline for general practitioners.

A broad range of international guidelines is available, of which the UK developed NICE guideline is a leading example. A variety of these guidelines was consulted during the development of the texts on this website. Additionally, the ‘ADHD and medication’ advisory report published by the Health Council of the Netherlands (2014) was a key resource. Recent literature was also used, preferably peer-reviewed scientific articles, reviews and meta-analyses. 

Considering the extensive scientific research into ADHD in children and adolescents appearing daily, it is impossible to provide complete descriptions and substation for the text on this website. These texts will not be entirely up-to-date. Naturally, we do our very best to ensure they are as current as possible.

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