E-health Youth Network

You want to get started with e-health, but how do you ensure efficacy and quality? The E-health Youth Network reduces the large amount of creative and enterprising initiatives in youth mental health care down to a realistic offer of top-notch programmes that are scientifically substantiated and have a high chance of success with the best possible cost-effectiveness. The platform is open to all professionals in the youth care sector. 

The Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is building a platform that:

  • provides a dynamic overview of the applications in e-health in Youth Mental Health Care
  • compares these applications, partly based on assessment criteria
  • uncovers duplications (of the same target group/disorder/method) and omissions
  • invites developers to present their initiatives, share their knowledge and find partners 

Sequel to the e-book

In 2013, the Knowledge Centre published an e-book entitled ‘E-health in Youth Mental Health Care’, an enriched survey of the available e-health initiatives in the Netherlands. This publication is intended as a guide for professionals who want to get started with e-health. All aspects are addressed: from policy (of the government, insurers and Youth Mental Health Care institutions) to the sometimes unmanageable and experimental reality of daily practice. In the chapter on ‘Bottlenecks and recommendations’, author Jeroen Ruwaard discusses the proliferation of initiatives. Mental health care institutions and other e-health developers are all trying to re-invent the wheel separately; this often results in applications that are designed to do the same thing for the same target group. 

Working together towards quality

The Knowledge Centre therefore encourages all parties in the youth care sector to work together, if nothing else because it is financially unrealistic to deliver top quality as a solitary party. Professionals in Youth Mental Health Care who want to develop e-health applications benefit from resources that enable them to make better informed choices in the early stages and choose the right knowledge partners so that their ideas are more likely to succeed. This is what our E-health Youth Network offers.

… and cost-effectiveness

The E-health Youth Network immediately frees up substantial funds by facilitating cuts in development and implementation. It prevents already available knowledge from being developed again. It brings together initiatives which seek to achieve the same goal in the same way. And it frees up a budget for developing solutions for the ‘minor disorders’. In this way, the Knowledge Centre contributes to an increase in the quality of applications that add value to the treatment of young people with serious psychological problems, an optimal pooling of knowledge and cooperation across the youth care sector.

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